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Santarelli Costruzioni Spa

Via Cola D'Amatrice, 5
63100 Ascoli Piceno
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Inhabiting the space of your dreams.

Living in a dimension where beauty becomes part of everyday life. Where your desires are quite simply fulfilled.

“Da cielo a terra” is more than just a housing project.

It is a project involving life at large, where innovation interacts with nature and intelligent solutions merge with the ability to interpret contemporary living needs.

Allow yourself to be subdued by the idea of a home beyond your imagination, right in the heart of your city.

Blending history, art and sea.

In the centre of Ancona, in the greenest and most exclusive location, Santarelli builds your ideal home. Design, comfort, quality and practicality for a new and unique living style.
There’s a dream ready to materialise in the Cardeto integrated village “Da cielo a terra” (“From the sky to the earth”).



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